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Finally, a placement system that allows consumers and compagnies to reach the highest level of finishing in the smallest amount of time. B-Fix and its screws in stainless steel guarantee an exceptional lifespan. This universal system can be used on wooden boards, composite boards, but also on bamboo. Another advantage of the B-fix is the accessibility of the screw on the front side. This way it remains possible to remove one board without having to move the others first.

Gone are the days of unsightly fasteners which damage garden decks. B-Fix's innovation sets the example. Unique, and patented, this new quality stainless steel system for the installation of garden decks offers a simple, practical, esthetic and cost-effective laying solution. Ensures regular spacing and fast to lay (a simple screw driver is all you need), manufactured in the strongest metal, perfectly hidden and easily dismantled, B-fix's many advantages promote a longer structural life span for external decking. 

B-Fix is a revolutionary, invisible placement system that guarantees a perfect finish of your terrace. Because it's made from stainless steel, this system provides an exceptional lifespan for your terrace boards. B-fix is easy and fast to install. Placed on more than 200.000 m2 and tested on different exotic wooden boards. B-fix is the new life partner of your terrace. Our B-fix assortment includes two complementary models: the B-fix one and the B-fix border.