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ThermoPine - Decking

Decking - ThermoPine


Decking profiles in thermo treated wood add an extra value to your garden or roof terrace. Due to their high stability, high durability and attractive appearance, they are a perfect alternative for tropical hardwood. Hoebeek offers a knotfree quality in Radiata Pine and a knotty quality in Scandinavian pine.

Two profiles are integrated in our stock:

  • reversible profile : smooth / striped
  • profile B-fix : smooth top

Special profiles can be planed for you on demand.

    Advantages Concerns
    solid wood small bending strength
    durability class I/II brittler
    alternative for tropical hardwood  
    good dimensional stability  
    minimal absorption  
    does not rot  
    light weight  



    P52-TerrasProfile P52

    P53-Terras-vlakProfile P53

    These decking profiles should be fixed with stainless steel screws on a substructure of hardwood battens.  Important is to place them at a maximum distance of 40 cm.

    The profiles B-fix (P53 and P53 Plus) should be fixed invisibly with the placement clips "B-fix Black One".

    Non-treated decking boards will turn completely grey by outdoor exposure. If you wish to maintain the warm colour of the wood, you should coat the boards on a regular basis with a pigmented wood protection product.


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