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Exotic/Larch - Decking

Decking profiles - Exotic & Larch


Hoebeek planes quality decking profiles in durable hardwood. You can choose from Ipe and Padouk. These types of wood have a sustainability class I/II and are considered ideal for outdoor use.

Next to hardwood, Hoebeek also offers you softwood, more specifically Larch.

Three decking profile models are integrated in our standard stock:

  • reversible profile : smooth / striped
  • profile B-fix : smooth top

Special models can be planed on demand.

  • profile B-fix Plus : smooth top
Advantages Disadvantages
Solid wood Colour change
Durability class I/II


P52-TerrasProfile P52

P53-Terras-vlakProfile P53

P53-PLUS-terras-vlakProfile P53 Plus



These boards need to be screwed into place on a structure of battens, using inox screws. Important is to place them at a maximum distance of 40 cm.

The profiles B-Fix (P53 and P53 plus) are fixed invisibly with the placement clips "B-fix Black One"


Untreated decking profiles will turn completly grey because of exposure to the elements. If you would like to preserve the warm colour of the wood, you need to treat the boards regularly with a pigmented wood conservation product.


Types of wood