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Quick and easy installation - also for the DIY

  • No glue - so no harmful substances
  • your floor needs to be installed floating on a foam especially for flooring.  You can remove the floor again
  • The flooring can be removed afterwards without any problem
  • Contraction joints are reduced to a minimum
  • Placement errors can be corrected
Floorboards are tongued & grooved on all sides, on the underside there are two special grooves at the longitudinal sides, needed for placement.

The specially designed Clip & Click®clips are made of spring steel, with two curves that are different in radius, with a perforation on the fixing side.

The perforated side of the clip needs to be tapped with a hammer in the fixing groove on the tongued side of the board. Repeat every 60 cm. 12 clips/m2 should be enough.

The Clip & Click® clips hold the boards pressed in place under tension so they cannot move.

Now place clips in the next row of boards and clip the floorboards with the grooved side in the tongued side of the previous row. Then, smoothly press the floorboards down to click them.

Easy and fast!