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Finishing profiles

Finishing profiles


Over the years Hoebeek has planed hundreds of different finishing profiles. Our grindery is equiped with a large variety of knives and special profiles to be able to produce all special profiles requested by our customers.


The sense of refinement can be found in our end strips, quarters, glazing beads, ceiling panels, cornice boards, mouldings, round sticks, panelling, frames, furniture trims, inner corners, outer corners and decorative frames.


Hoebeek has an exceptionally wide range of finishing profiles in stock in various woodspecies and finishes.


- Sheathed profiles 


Hoebeek is also specialized in sheathed profiles. Due to our great flexibility and many possibilities we are able to sheath your profile as required with our Barberan sheathing machine.


- Profile-sanded frames


Nothing quite as good as a perfectly sanded surface. Hoebeek can sand all oak furniture trims or special profiles to the smallest detail for a perfect result with the guarantee that the time-consuming manual sanding on the construction site is no longer required. Thus, the frames can be finished immediately. 


- Finger jointed profiles


Hoebeek also processes all waste wood. Waste parts from raw wood are jointed to long lengths. These are flawless and the finger joint will not be visible after repainting these profiles. 

Finger jointed wood can also be used as a base for veneer sheathed profiles.


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